Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heat Free Hairstyles For Summer

Now that it's not so cold out, it's the perfect time to let your hair air dry and embrace the warm vibes of summer. Here are a few easy, yet chic hairstyle ideas for you, no heat tools required! 

Side French Braid. Simply braid your hair while it's still partially wet, and loosen the braid a bit. It will look better as the day goes on!

Show off your summer highlights with a French Braid! Make sure to loosen it a bit after braiding.

Fishtail Pigtails are a great summer option!

Once your hair has dried a bit, add some texture with dry shampoo, put into a sock bun, and add a head scarf or bandana for a great way to keep hair in place!

Before hair has dried, add some curling creme and scrunching spray and work your hair until it gets as wavy as possible. Add a few tiny braids in front, and pin a small section back towards your ear.

This bun looks pretty simple, just use a few bobby pins to keep everything in place! 

This Braided Fishtail is adorable, and you can even braid a small section separately, and pin it around as if it were a headband! 

Happy Summer!

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